Pedestals Are For Jesus, Not People

From time to time and for different reasons, we tend to place certain people on pedestals of honor. We look up to them. We elevate them to a status above that of our own. Maybe it’s because of their success. Maybe they’ve attained a certain amount of financial prosperity we admire. Sometimes we elevate individuals because of the entertainment value they bring to our lives. Still, others are placed upon pedestals because they’ve attained some prominent position in society. Some people we elevate because they possess characteristics we admire.

I’m not a psychologist. I’m unsure why we do this. Maybe it’s learned behavior that has carried over from high school, where awkward teens discovered where they stood on the popularity depth chart by where they sat in the lunchroom. Perhaps it’s human nature. Perhaps it’s in some way misguided worship.

As believers, we often do this with other followers of Christ. In our minds, we place certain people upon pedestals because they have a successful ministry. Other people we’ve placed on pedestals may be less known, but admired because they seem to have reached a higher level of sanctification than we’ve achieved. You know what I’m talking about – the person in your church that prays 4 hours a day, the guy that always gives willingly and sacrificially, the lady that’s memorized the epistles of Paul, etc.

I was recently reminded of the truth we all know. Sometimes those we place upon a pedestal will let you down. Here are four reminders for the times people may fall from their elevated position.

  • Integrity matters. Sometimes spiritual giants fall in a moral manner. Sometimes there can be a tendency to dismiss personal integrity. However, let us remember that integrity matters.
  • The Bible is full of fallen heroes. Scripture is full of people who experienced moral failure, in fact, every biblical character (except Christ) is shown to struggle with sin. However, through the mercy of God, He uses men greatly in His Word and Kingdom.
  • Romans 3:23 describes us all. If some tend to dismiss integrity as unimportant, others tend to sharply condemn. It’s important to remember that Romans 3:23 is a verse about all of man, including us.
  • Jesus is the only one worthy of worship. Christ will never fail to satisfy. He will never disappoint. For this thought, I leave you in the hands of John Piper (click here to listen).