Cashing A Check With Your Body

I remember a phrase from my childhood which was usually only uttered by tough guys. Tough guys or my mother. I don’t remember exactly where I first heard the phrase, but when it was said, you can bet that the speaker meant business. I think the phrase may have come from the blockbuster movie, Top Gun. Before you don your acid washed jeans and run to play “Danger Zone” on your cassette player, hear me out. In this movie, Maverick, played by the very homely Tom Cruise, has just risked his life and his airplane to help a fellow pilot safely land on an aircraft carrier. In the midst of giving Maverick a verbal reprimand, Captain Jordan tells the daring pilot, “Son, you’re ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.” We modified the phrase slightly to, “Son, you’re writing a check your body can’t cash” to mean that the running of one’s mouth was soon to end in a physical altercation.

But what if you could cash a check with your body. Would you? What would it look like? Let me explain a bit further.

When it comes to living generously, sometimes, if we’re honest with ourselves, we find it easier to make a financial donation to an organization or a cause than it is to donate our time and ourselves. It’s often easy to write a check. After all, very little time is required. Just grab a pen and your checkbook write down the pertinent information, apply your John Hancock and you’re done! We may make a significant monetary donation from time to time, but, once again, if we’re honest, we can often give a bit to a cause  here and there without much sacrifice. If we find ourselves willing to write a check, but unwilling to serve others generously, might I dare say that we may indeed be in the danger zone.

Read Luke 22:24-27

How does Jesus’ words in these verses contrast to society’s view of greatness?

In your own life what makes serving others difficult?

If you’re like me, you like the idea of serving others more often, but life often gets in the way. Our schedules are often so packed with accomplishing our own needs (as noble or as legitimate as these may be) that there is little time left for those outside of our immediate circle.

Perhaps some acts of service cause fear or anxiety. Maybe you feel unqualified to serve in some particular areas. Perhaps some aspects of service make you feel uncomfortable around others.

Read Romans 12:1-2

How do these verses relate to our service of others?

A Personal Testimony

Sometime last year I met with Pastor Kody, who is the lead pastor of Harbor Church in downtown Dothan. He was looking for help with his ongoing Saturday outreach and I thought to myself, this would be a great way for our church to get out of the walls and serve others. Bro. Bradley and I have often thought that it would be great if each of our Sunday School classes participated in some type of ministry project each quarter, so I signed the church up to volunteer on a quarterly basis for 2018.

Confession time. I’ve actually never been to the Harbor Church. I know many in our church have, but I have not. Our first trip of 2018 rolled around a few weeks ago and I was able to go. As usual, our household was very busy that day, but I made the time to go.

Not knowing what to expect when I first arrived, I was a bit apprehensive and couldn’t stop thinking about what I needed to do after we finished up. However, my attitude soon changed. As I watched our people serve and as I served alongside them, my heart experienced a great feeling of peace and joy. I knew that our church was doing exactly what God would have us to be doing – serving others. I left with a completely different feeling than when I arrived.

A Challenge To Serve Others

Here are two opportunities our church is providing to help us serve others:

In a couple of weeks our church will be participating in our 2ndannual Project Serve. We’ve got locations spread out across Dothan and I want you to give of your time and yourself and serve others alongside your church. I think you’ll sense the same feelings I had – joy and peace. We’ll be telling you more about the exact nature of each of these projects this week.

Also, our church returns to serve at Harbor Church on June 23rd. Mark it on your calendar.

Will you make plans to attend?