God’s Mercy To A Deceiver


The other day, my family was on vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN. I was not on this particular trip, but my wife relayed a comical story she overheard while out eating lunch with the family. On this particular day, they had chosen to go to The Old Mill Pottery House Cafe & Grill. (If you’ve never been, I highly recommend the praline grilled pork chop. You can thank me later.) At the table beside beside them, were a group of ladies from Wisconsin.

Female Customer: “Excuse me, Mam. What do you call this drink here? It’s delicious!

Waitress: “Ummm. Sweet Tea.”

Female Customer: “What do you sweeten it with? This is wonderful!”

Waitress: “Ummm. Sugar…”

What are some foods associated with localities, and which ones have you tried? Which ones have you liked?

Evidently, Issac and Esau love a good meal. Just last week we read about Jacob and Esau’s trading a birth right for a bowl of soup. I can sympathize. I love a good meal too. In these verses, we see God’s covenant plans continue over the setting of a meal. Through theses verses, we see that God is merciful to use even the most unlikely people to build His kingdom.

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