Revelation 3:14-22 – Christ’s Message to the Modern Church (11/5/95)

A Sermon (#540) Preached by William “Bill” Touchton

Edited by Michael D. Lawson

Turn to Revelation chapter 3.

In Revelation 1, the resurrected Lord appears to John and tells him to write seven letters to the seven churches of Asia.

These were real churches, but many believe them to be problematic, they represent a problematic view of church history.

The Church at Ephesus (Acts 2; 100AD – ?) – They served. They shared. Yet got cold.

Smyrna (100-300AD) – A persecuted church.

Pergamos, Thyatria, Sardis (300 – 1750AD) – Corrupt, Carnal, Compromising churches.

Philadelphia (1750-1900AD) – Church of the Awakening under Whitefield…Wesley…Edwards.

Laodicea – the last of the seven. Represents the last church, how the church will be prior to the rapture.

Question: What would Jesus preach on (what would be his subject) if He could gather together every person in this country who has their name on a church roll? A church roll…Baptist, Methodist, Luthern, Charismatic…all the millions of people. What would He preach on? Inerrancy? And resolve the conflict between conservatives and liberals. Gifts of the Spirit? And solve the conflict concerning the ¬†tongue movement. The end time? And resolve the conflict between Amill and Premill.

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