A Test In The Wilderness


As we enter into today’s study, I think it’s important to remember the recent events in Israel’s history.

  • God provided Moses as an instrument to release and lead His people from Egyptian captivity.
  • God demonstrated His power over the Egyptian gods in the 10 plagues.
  • God provided deliverance for his people at the Red Sea.
  • Israel followed Moses for about 3 days in the wilderness and couldn’t find water, so they began to complain. (Ex. 15:22-27)

QUES: When have you forgotten, or almost forgotten, God’s goodness because of a difficult situation in your life?

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When Life Crumbles

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where all seems lost? You know, when life throws you something completely unexpected and you find yourself feeling completely hopeless. We all have had days like this. We’ve all had situations arise in our lives that cause us hurt, situations that cause pain, situations that make us feel a complete since of loss. I’ve had days (sometimes it may be weeks, months, or even years) like this, you have too.

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