Every year, the Lawsons and the Rushings go to the National Peanut Festival (at least once). A couple of years ago, Allison, Misty and myself were standing in front of one of the fun houses. You know the one with the glass maze as you enter. Bradley was either on a corndog run or had already left to finish up his sermon or watch LSU lose to Alabama. Anyway, the three of us were standing there with Keller while our little girls entered the maze. We stood there talking and then either Allison or Misty said, “Where’s Keller?” At about the point panic starts to set in, we look up and see 3 year old Keller in the middle of the glass maze, trying to follow the bigger girls. Except he’s stuck in the middle of this maze and every time he try to step forward, he’s met by this cruel invisible wall of glass. After a few minutes of laughing and seeing that Keller was on the verge of an emotional breakdown, I went in to rescue him. It was obvious that he wasn’t getting out of that maze.

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