A Leader’s Wisdom


Who might you consider to be one of the world’s greatest leaders? Why?

We see great leaders throughout church history as well. The Bible contains many stories of leaders who God used to do incredible things. We tend to glamorize leaders sometimes, but we must remember that these men and women are, like us, flawed in areas. None of us are perfect, thus none of us are perfect in leadership. Moses was one of those. Moses displayed great leadership through his service to the Lord and leading the people of Israel. However, he wasn’t perfect and needed assistance as well.

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A Test In The Wilderness


As we enter into today’s study, I think it’s important to remember the recent events in Israel’s history.

  • God provided Moses as an instrument to release and lead His people from Egyptian captivity.
  • God demonstrated His power over the Egyptian gods in the 10 plagues.
  • God provided deliverance for his people at the Red Sea.
  • Israel followed Moses for about 3 days in the wilderness and couldn’t find water, so they began to complain. (Ex. 15:22-27)

QUES: When have you forgotten, or almost forgotten, God’s goodness because of a difficult situation in your life?

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God Frees His People


It wasn’t long ago that our society moved from what we called a “modern” society, to a “postmodern” society. In modern society people believed in the concept of truth and authority, even though they may not live in submission to it. There was a general consensus of right and wrong. In a postmodern society, people have shied away from absolute truth and truth has become something that centers upon the individual. In other words, what’s true for you may not necessarily be true for me. We have continued in this vein of thought and now, truth is not based upon fact, but more upon emotion. Because truth now rests upon the individual, each person becomes their own authority on right and wrong.

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