Journey Through John – Ch 7

Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles (7.1-52)

In large part, chapter 7 seeks to investigate the questions, Who is Jesus and how should I respond? It takes place during one of Israels 3 major feasts.

  • Passover – the beginning of the grain harvest in spring
  • Pentecost – 7 weeks later, at the end of the spring grain harvest
  • Tabernacles – an autumn harvest celebrating the tree and vine harvest

Since the Feast of Tabernacles sets our context for us, let’s briefly look at the importance of this celebration before we jump into chapter 7.

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The God Who Saves: Present & Future Aspects of Conversion [Session 6]

In describing salvation, it has been said:

  • I am saved. (Past)
  • I am being saved. (Present)
  • I will be saved. (Future)*

The above statement reminds us that salvation is a process that God begins within the individual through soteriological concepts like regeneration, conversion, and justification. We have spoken about these concepts in some of our recent discussions. For those who have trusted Christ for redemption, these are past events.

Today, we want to turn our attention to the latter two. The present and future aspects of salvation.

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The God Who Saves: Immediate Effects of Conversion [session 5]

We live in a “fast food” world where we have been conditioned to have things in quick and easy fashion. We pull through a drive through at our local fast food restaurant and expect our food to be ready in the time it takes us to drive around the building after placing our order. Information is at the tip of our finger tips now. Rarely do we need to take a trip to the library to investigate a matter now. We simply ask Siri.

If I’ve come to know anything about salvation and the way God works in the lives of people, It is rarely as quick as pulling through our local Chick fil A or as easy as speaking a question into our phones. God’s timing is not our timing and we all probably wish that God would work a bit quicker in our lives than he often does.

With that being said, there are some things that happen instantly when a person turns to trust Christ as their Savior. That’s what we want to focus on below.

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