A Journey Through John – Ch 2-3

Chapter two begins a longer section that runs from 2.1-12.19, focused around 7 miracles or “signs”.

More so than the other gospels, John desires “to see beyond the miracles to their significance”…these are…”special actions by Jesus which reveal his glory to those who believe and which confront others with the need to decide about Jesus.” – Stott. The Message of John. p. 62.

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A Journey Through John – Ch 1

The Word and His Witness

From the beginning, “John handles issues of profound importance…Here divinity and humanity, preexistence and incarnation, revelation and sacrifice are each discussed by John with deceptive simplicity.” – Gary M. Burge. The NIV Application Commentary: John. p. 52.

From the beginning, we see John begin to explain the unique nature and mission of Jesus Christ, the god-man. These themes will continue to echo and be further explained throughout the gospel. Yet John wastes no time explaining Jesus to be the unique and perfect representation of God in the world.

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